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About Us

Drivers Drive Thousands of Miles Day & Night in Good & Bad Weather on all different types of Roadways. We believe there is no Compromise when it comes to Driver Safety.

At Gray Bear Life, we understand first-hand the vital importance of driver safety. Our company was founded in 2023 by a team of safety and Industry professionals who Kick-Started doing business in March 2024. Our team shared a desire to address and find solutions for several transportation safety issues that OSHA, NHTSA and FMCSA would not address. Our product was created for the safety of the driver and liability protection for the employer.

Our Founder:

  • Second generation OHP Road Trooper
  • Was assigned to the OHP Alcohol Countermeasure Unit
  • OHP Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officer
  • OHP Special Investigator for FMCSA Oklahoma Division
  • Instructor for Oklahoma Safety Council
  • DOT Compliance administrator for several Companies
  • DOT Coordinator for USA Weatherford Fracturing Technologies
  • DOT Compliance Consultant for several Companies.

The Story behind the Product:  One of the carriers I consult told me about one of their driver’s being involved in a fatality accident. The carrier explained that a pump located on the side of the truck bed had a catastrophic failure while the vehicle was entering into traffic. The driver heard a pop, looked in the vehicles outside side mirror, and saw fluid being sprayed out onto roadway surface. The driver slowed immediately and began moving vehicle to shoulder to stop vehicle and call for help. But while the driver was slowing down a vehicle behind the truck accelerated to pass around truck the vehicle lost control from hitting fluid on the roadway, causing the vehicle to roll over, killing the driver.

After the accident and during litigations the driver was questioned what was the first thing he did once he was aware of the catastrophic occurrence and started slowing down moving to the shoulder of roadway the driver response, he placed a call to the carrier informing them of the accident. The court found a judgment against the carrier for over six hundred thousand dollars because the first response out of the driver’s mouth should have been is that he activated the emergency warning flashers.

Conclusion: During my research I became aware of three safety issues involving the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

One: The Emergency Triangle Kit that is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has only one scenario emergency warning triangle placement diagram set by NHTSA. (There are approximately seven scenarios for placement of emergency warning triangles) 

Two: There is no standard federal education guidelines for a driver in a Vehicle Emergency Stop situation. (There are no written set carrier standards in case of a vehicle emergency stop)

Three: No issuance of any knowledge certification on following guidelines in the case of an emergency vehicle stop along with emergency warning triangles proper placement on type of roadway.(there are numerous carriers with in-house procedures for an emergency vehicle stop but I found no additional  instructional guidelines in the emergency warning triangle kit for proper emergency triangle placement)

Gray Bear Life L.L.C. holds the Federal Copy Write on the Emergency Warning Placement Card that is attached to inside of the Emergency Warning Triangle Kit. The Gray Bear Life Logo and wording is protected under a Federal Trademark.      


Reduce the chance of driver and civilian injury as well as after accident litigation with our proven proven product, developed through years of training and first hand experience by professionals.


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