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Driver Emergency Warning Triangle Kit Insert


One English/Spanish Emergency Triangle Placement Insert Card, Seven Loop Velcro Dots, Four Hook Velcro Dots, Three Rubber Bumper, Instructions, and One English/Spanish Emergency Stop Card. You can purchase the card either as a build kit that you can self-add the Velcro dots and rubber bumpers to as needed and save some money, or you can buy it with everything pre-attached to the cards and ready to go.  A third option, which only includes the cards, is also available, if you wish to store or secure them differently.

Please Measure before Ordering. Emergency Warning Triangle Placement Card size is approximately 18 3/16 inches in length and 4 inches wide. Card will fit standard Emergency Warning Triangle Kit lids without interior plastic support ribs. Vehicle Emergency Stop Card size is approximately 4 1/4 inches height and 5 3/16 inches wide.

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This item consists of 2 main reference cards, to be used in case of an emergency stop. These cards include both an English and Spanish printed side. Both cards are coated in a durable 10 mil. plastic laminate to ensure longevity.

The Emergency Stop Card is a small card, designed to be kept on your person or on the dashboard of the vehicle. It should be referenced immediately following an emergency stop, and will guide you through the proper steps to ensure the safety of you and any other drives that my pass by while you are stopped.

The Emergency Triangle Placement Card is a larger card, designed to fit perfectly withing an emergency triangle box. It is an upgrade to the unreadable instructions usually found inside the lid of the box. This card can be detached and used as a reference for the 7 main scenarios that a driver might find themselves in during an emergency stop situation. It is much easier to read which will result in faster and more accurate application of its important information.

Along with these 2 cards, we include a certification quiz for each card and a certificate of completion once both are passed. You may register and certify as many drivers as needed, however each one will need to have access to both of these cards to complete the quizzes. If you already have your cards, click the "Get Certified" link to begin your quizzes.